DCC Control Systems

It is rare for us to recommend ANY DCC system associated with a train brand, however the Roco MultiMaus and Z21 systems are maturing very well and offer an interesting alternative at a reasonable price. The new “Pro” system has a radio handset which is a nice addition at a reasonable price.

While it is still evolving towards a really complete system, we also enjoy using the Roco Z21 which is a Smartphone or Pad-based DCC system with great potential.

So far our experience with this product is good – Its not perfect (what is?) and we have noticed that it does some things (like set accessory decoders) in a way that does not meet DCC standards, but they still work well when used with Z21, and the potential of the interface, which includes the ability to drive your trains as an “in the cab” experience, keep our attention.

We do our best to keep all ROCO Digital system parts ex stock.

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