ESU Adapters & Speakers. Other Speakers

Quick sound tip #1: When choosing a speaker for your installation, think carefully and do not always accept the space the loco maker may have made available. Loco makers begrudge the space needed for sound and therefore simply choose the most convenient place that will allow easy installation… whereas in the real world, this may NOT be the ideal place in “sound terms”!

Quick sound tip #2: In sound, we are already really restricted by the tiny speakers we have to use, so “go large” as much as you possibly can… we strongly recommend that you fit the largest possible speaker – or, if space can be found, two of them!

Quick sound tip #3: Sealed enclosures are generally best and we DO mean sealed. A properly sealed box will give the slowest roll off of Bass, the smoothest sound, and it will also extend the speakers power-handling ability. When sealing it, imagine the box is going to be filled with something nasty like anthrax… That is how seriously we mean “sealed”. Not even a pin hole air leak should be left!