DCC Programming & Computer Control Interfaces

As time progresses this is a subject that becomes more  common… and much cleverer.
SPROG, originally designed as a simple interface, now offers 3 amp SPROG options and boosters, the ESU programmer is into its 3rd generation and well worth a look!
We’ve taken care of the little things that cause many modellers problems too: For example, for those who need a USB interface we  offer a lead that WILL work with any brand. (Conversely, many from eBay, office supplies or computer stores will not!)
We do not attempt to cover all of the “computer interface”  possibilities here – rather, we list the more useful everyday interfaces that  we know modellers need to be able to computer program, load sound, and interface their DCC systems to computers.
Apart from the things you will find here, look at the controller-brand pages too… and if you need advice, please do not hesitate to ask. We are not computer experts, but we do know the things that promote and sell quite well!

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