Lenz Control Systems

Product wise Lenz have been there since the beginning, and we do like their “Set 100” with the LH100 throttle.

We also like the fact that Lenz have been a core part of the establishment of DCC standards, and so respect their products greatly. Lenz offer an open approach to new development to ensure that Lenz will remain a “flexibly applicable” product with a wide variety of compatible “after market” or “other brand” accessories to use with it.

We stock Lenz for its loyal existing user base and while it’s fair to say that they have “lost the lead” over recent years and have dramatically slowed any new development recently due to distractions towards O scale trains within their business, Lenz remains a solid brand with a good global following.

(Lenz also makes products  for several European hobby brands, as well as Atlas in the USA.)

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