PECO Code 75 Track

Peco offers a broad range of code 75 track. We choose to stock ONLY the electrofrog variants though – We see far too many problems and frustrations experienced by both novice and more experienced modellers with insulfrog point-work so we will not offer it to our customers.

Compatibility: Code 75 isn’t anything mysterious – The ’75’ simply means that the rail is 0.075 high (1.9mm). This is far more realistic than the over-heavy code 100 rail (2.54mm high) that is used in train-sets and sold by toyshops.

Apart from earlier Lima/Power-Line, older Hornby Dublo, Triang and many earlier EU models, almost everything runs well on code 75 rail. Code 75 is very strong and much easier to lay than code 100 track, as it is a finer rail profile (about 1/2 the metal of code 100).

DCCconcepts strongly recommends that you always wire Peco code 75 according to the instructions in our ‘Making Peco Work at its Best’ handbook which will soon be available to download from the link that is on every Peco point-work page. For the more adventurous modeller, we also show you how to remove those clumsy and very ugly ‘point motor’ sleepers and to give your Peco points a much more realistic appearance!

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