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QSI Industries design and sell sound decoders under many brand names, usually that of the locomotive in which they are installed. While some ‘OEM’ QSI decoders will be especially configured for the brand that installs them and therefore may not have a full feature set, QSI also sells a similar but always fully featured range under their own brand.

With their new Titan range, QSI has introduced some really new things to sound in locomotives. – For example two separate powered channels (Stereo when needed). QSI sound is always strong and delivers high energy and volume. Motor drive is generally excellent. QSI decoders have lots of onboard memory, so each can contain a full set of ‘loco brand or type’ files – Giving a ‘Master-set’ in one decoder for Alco, GM or Baldwin etc… Others, for special locomotives, can be specific…. such as the GEU50 or the Doodlebug. Steam locos are grouped by size within one decoder – For example small, medium, large and articulated, and electrics are catered for with a full set within one decoder too. Each sound set is fully configurable of course, with selectable whistles, bells etc…

QSI decoders are also manufactured in several physical configurations… some are held in stock, others may be to special order only.  We hold a wide range of Universal Titan Series decoders in stock, and any other QSI decoder can be obtained within 14 days.

We are currently reviewing products in this area due to US-AU Dollar conversion rates.  We apologise for any inconvenience.

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