Soundtraxx Tsunami Sound Decoders

Tsunami decoders are made in the US by SoundTraxx. They offer a huge feature range and excellent ‘tuneability’ of sound for those who like to delve into the realms of sound setup and CV programming, including full equalisation.

The Tsunami TSU-1000 is SoundTraxx’s high-performance, onboard locomotive sound system. The TSU-1000 is a versatile 1 amp decoder integrating a full-featured sound system, four Hyperlight lighting effects, a motor controller and a DCC decoder into a single, integrated package and is compatible with the NMRA DCC standards and recommended practices. Motor drive is very good but it will probably take some tuning to get the best from it… not hard to do and no problem at all for those who can carry out sound setup.

Steam decoders can produce over 22 sound effects, including the bell, whistle, airpump, dynamo, snifter valve, injectors, firebox blower, side rod clank, brake squeal, exhaust chuff and more.

Diesel decoders can produce over 14 sound effects, including the engine startup and shutdown, engine prime mover through all eight notches, bell, airhorn, air compressor, dynamic brakes, radiator fans, brake squeal and more.

Tsunami TSU-1000 decoders include four outputs for SoundTraxx’ Hyperlight lighting effects, which reproduce the light patterns of many popular warning beacons in exacting detail. All Tsunami decoders provide ‘Rule 17’ lighting control. Now you can independently turn on the headlight and backup light, as well as dim the lights for oncoming trains.

Overall sound sets are excellent and there is a huge sound file range and many specific locomotives are taken care of here – Including sound sets with variable characteristics as well as specific special loco types for diesel and steam. Tsunami is also particularly strong in logging loco and US narrow gauge sounds.

Tsunami is widely used and makes a good variety of decoder types, including an excellent small decoder for small locos and N scale. We stock a wide range of Soundtraxx Tsunami with a focus on TSU-1000 and TSU750 decoders and all other Tsunami decoders can usually be obtained to special order within 2 weeks.

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