Cobalt Classic + DCC Decoder Bundle Pack (6 Pack)

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Six Cobalt Classic (Omega) turnout motors PLUS six AD1HP digital accessory decoders.

For full details of these two products, please see their respective pages:
Cobalt Classic Omega Turnout Motor
AD1HP Digital Accessory Decoder

This combination has several advantages:

  • Full digital control of the turnout
  • Two integrated SPDT switches for switching frog polarity or any other function
  • LED output for control panel indication or signal operation
  • Push-button toggle or detector input – you can operate your turnout digitally, manually or automatically!
  • Zero load on your bus when idle
  • AD1HP fits exactly into the recess on the Cobalt turnout motor for easy and tidy installation
  • Change throw direction just by swapping over two wires!

Suitable for all gauges from large to very small, we even have an easy-to-use Cobalt Installation Template complete with Tools!

Don’t forget that all Cobalt turnout motors also have a lifetime warranty.

Essentials and Accessories
Cobalt Installation Template & Tools
Cobalt Under-Board Point Motor Accessories
Cobalt Omega User Manual
Easy Installation Diagram with Frog Wiring