Cobalt DCC Decoder Stall Motor Drive Type (4-way Output)

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AD4 is a four output DCC accessory decoder for Cobalt type motors. It can be wired close to the point motors or at the panel, and connects directly to the track power bus or DCC accessory power bus when DCC powered.

AD4’s outputs have low current draw so it will not overload your power bus

We have taken great care to make sure that addressing and setup are extremely simple. Each output is individual addressed and you may also give more than one channel the same address if you wish.

AD4 gives you the option of digital or pushbutton control, and you can operate with both connected.

AD4 Also works really well on DC power to make DC control and wiring the simplest it has ever been.

Usually installed on a 1 decoder output to 1 motor basis” providing that the voltage and power supplied is adequate, AD4 outputs may also power a full crossover.

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