ZEN 218 21 & 8 Pin 6 Function Decoder w/Stay Alive

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ZEN 218 21 & 8 Pin 6 Function Decoder w/Stay Alive.

The Zen 218 offers both 21MTC and 8-pin connections in ONE decoder. We created the ZN218 because if you model UK or some other prototypes, then there is a fair chance that you will end up buying both 21MTC and 8-pin NEM652 locomotives, and you may never know which is inside until you decide on the loco! Zen 218 takes away the worry about decoder choice by incorporating both 21-pin and 8-pin in one decoder. It has six 100mA light functions. Of course it’s also wired ready for the super-slim Stay-Alive™ that’s in the pack. ZN218 has a 750mA / 1 amp motor drive.

Accessories & Essentials

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Zen Decoder Owners Manual

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