Zen 360 8 Pin Direct 4 Function w/Stay Alive

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Zen 360 8 Pin Direct 4 Function w/Stay Alive

The ZN360 is a truly universal 8-pin direct-plug decoder. Some HO and OO locos are long and narrow, some wide but tight. With an 8-pin NEM652 interface built right into the decoder the ZN360 with our super-small twin-PCB design means that it always fits irrespective of 8-pin orientation.  The ZN360 has 4x 100mA light functions… and like all ZEN decoders it is wired ready for the super slim Stay-Alive™ that is provided in the pack. It is only 14.2 x12.5 x3.5mm and has a 750mA / 1 amp motor drive. DCCconcepts new approach to decoder design once again makes installation easier!

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