Zen Buddha Decoder 4 Function 3 amp w/Stay Alive (3 Pack)

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Zen Buddha Decoder 4 Function 3 amp w/Stay Alive (3 Pack)

ZBHP4-3 is a 3-pack of ZBHP4 Decoders…That is the part number, but we call it “Buddha” As the name suggests… Buddha is a cheerfully large decoder that’s as tough as nails… but still small enough to get into the heart of any suitable locomotive… Designed for O and larger scales, we’ve done our best to also keep it small enough to fit some of the larger articulated or double-motor HO, OO or S scale loco’s.

Buddha is tough! It has a 3 amp continuous motor drive capable of handling short-term peaks of 5 amps. Buddha is also protected! It has overload and thermal as well as short circuit protection. Buddha will simply stop if threatened by short circuits, too much heat or too much load. Simply breaking then re-making power will bring it back to life.

It is virtually un-killable! Buddha will never hesitate either… it has built-in brown-out protection for the microprocessor and can be connected to ANY form of power protection such as our DCCconcepts “Stay-Alive”™ (included in the pack) Normal decoder wire just won’t cope.

Big power needs bigger wire, so Buddha has convenient screw connectors, nicely arranged with all functions at one end, all power connections at the other… All connections are clearly labelled with “DCC Standards wire colour dots” too.
This high value, low cost version of Buddha has four 250mA light functions…. and like all of our ZEN decoders it is wired and ready for the slim Stay-Alive™ that is provided in the pack. (Buddha includes the larger of our stay-alive models of course). Buddha is 40 x25 x10mm with a 3amp motor drive. Buddha: Smooth, smart, safe & beautiful!

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