Loco Servicing Bundle

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DCCconcepts Locomotive Servicing Kit
1x 240mm Locomotive Servicing Cradle
1x Screw & Nut Driver Set

Screw and Nut Driver Set
3x High Quality Driver Handles with rotating palm pads and high-grip rubber inserts.
9x Chrome-Vernadium Screw and Nut Driver bits
1x 1.5mm slot
1x 2mm slot
1x 2.5mm slot
1x PH00
1x PH0
1x PH1
1x 2mm hex nut
1x 2.5mm hex nut
1x 3mm hex nut

Locomotive Servicing Cradle (240mm)
Perfect for maintaining and servicing OO / HO / EM / P4 locomotives.
Complete with secure foam pads to hold your locomotive in place whilst servicing.
Pick up your locomotive without touching delicate parts or damaging weathering effects.

Component Parts
1x DCT-SND.12
1x SVC-240

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