NCE PowerHouse Bundle for PowerCab

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If you have a PowerCab, you already know how reliable and easy to use it is! Of course, as a starter set it has limitations around the number of handsets (cabs) that can be used, the size of the recall stack, macros, no computer interface, no ability to unplug the handset and move around the layout and of course the amount of power available (PowerCab shops with a 1.8A power supply).

PowerHouse Pro is NCE’s professional system which has none of these restrictions and delivers a full 5 Amps of power to your layout – meaning more locos, more lights, more sound and more functionality! But if you already have a PowerCab, you don’t need the full system – you already have a handset!

This is where the NCE PowerHouse Bundle comes in! 

Included in the Bundle –
1x NCE CS02 Command Station
1x NCE PB105 5 Amp Booster
1x Alpha Power 18V 5 Amp Power Supply
5 Metres of Red/Black Layout Wire

Connection Instructions – CLICK HERE

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