Super Lube Gear Grease 12gr (12ml)

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The best ‘non-hobby specific’ loco gear lubricant we have found – Super Lube ® grease is an exceptionally pure lubricant, because it is synthetic. This gives Super Lube® very stable and predictable chemical properties.

Super Lube® grease with SYNCOLON® (PTFE) contains Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) which is the most slippery surface (Lowest coefficient of friction) known to man. The SYNCOLON® (PTFE) particles in Super Lube® fill surface irregularities of mating parts and are compacted to form a smooth, lubricated surface. SYNCOLON® (PTFE) provides improved anti-wear properties, is waterproof, not washed away by acids or alkalis, and resists temperatures to 750°F.

The SYNCOLON® (PTFE) particles in Super Lube’s unique patented formula are held in constant suspension ensuring they will always be evenly applied to the lubricated surface.

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