50 Watt Hand-Held Soldering Iron with Temperature Control

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SA-50 50 Watt Hand-Held Soldering Iron with Temperature Control.

The SA50 is a 50 watt temperature controlled soldering iron that just may be the perfect choice for those who will mainly solder track or wiring around the layout as there is no “base station” to accidentally pull off the layout top!

SA50 has more than enough power to keep your solder joints quick and cool, it is light and nice to hold in the hand and has excellent temperature control.

Our testing showed it has fast turn-on heating and very good heat recovery for larger things too.

Construction is top quality with a ceramic heater element, and all this plus its high reliability gave it our “Stamp of approval” – in fact we now use it ourselves for all DCCconcepts layout work…

The SA50 uses standard Hakko-type tips that are freely available.  Because we know the importance of using the right tip, The SA50 is supplied with TWO of them so you already have a spare!

We have already fitted the SA-50 with a TC-2 type tip which has an excellent profile for track use, wiring and all general hobby soldering (we prefer this tip type for many soldering jobs).

You will also need a soldering iron stand, a tip tinner/cleaner, some DCCconcepts solder and our famous no-clean flux of course.

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