Zen Blue Decoder: 6 Pin Versatile 2 Function w/Stay Alive

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Like the ZN6D, the ZN68 an NEM651 6-pin decoder has a beautifully smooth motor drive and excellent installability – but we have added add some real installation versatility! The ZN68 really will go anywhere, because we’ve included in the pack the decoder, a “stay-alive”™ an NEM651 6-pin and an NEM652 8-pin harness to give you total choice. It also has 2x100mA light functions, and is wired ready for the Stay-Alive™ provided in the pack. Only 13.5 x 8.5 x 3mm. 750mA / 1amp motor drive. Zen ZN68 with Direct 6-pin plus 6 and 8- pin harness options is the perfect choice because it really does fit everything!

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