A little about DCCconcepts..

DCCconcepts itself revolves solely around model railways and the equipment, tools, techniques and special items that, combined with good information, a will to do it well and a little practice, make it possible to turn any model into something very special. 

Any business is simply the sum of its people’s abilities and attitudes. While our people all have appropriate “life skills” to move the company forward, DCCconcepts was founded by a modeller and as we have grown, we have also made sure that all new staff bring to the company a constantly widening range of modelling skills and experience. We all love the hobby and we care about quality in modelling. We love to teach and help too… At the same time, we understand that modellers have different skill levels, knowledge and depth of experience… so we never judge, and remain ready to offer help where needed. 

DCCconcepts Legacy Stainless Steel Bullhead Rail
01-May-2015 by BRM Magazine

Steel rail looks great but corrodes and Nickel Silver just never looks right…. But DCCconcepts Legacy Bullhead rail fixes both problems. It looks right, will rarely ever need cleaning and being made of high quality Stainless steel, it will not Corrode. 

BRM (British Railway modelling) Magazine has just published an article using this great new product and our innovative turnout frets…

New: DCCconcepts Stainless Steel Scale Ruler and Handrail Jig
01-May-2015 by DCCconcepts

The DCG-SR4 is a new and innovative tool from DCCconcepts. A top quality, truly comprehensive scale rule and an accurate handrail bending jig with very fine laser-cut holes make ANY handrail size easy to do accurately.

Each step has a recessed groove to hold the wire straight as its bent so accuracy is maintained!

Made in high grade stainless steel, this is a tool that will last for several lifetimes!