We take great pride in the things we design, and we do our best to treat all we deal with as fellow modellers who deserve our full attention. Our new website is structured with the same thought processes, so it’s not just about products… 

We have also tried to make it a little more personal. Initially the image at the top of this page should show you a train image close to your home country… but if you move the mouse pointer to the image you will see a magnifier symbol appear…

Click on it and you will be taken to a directory of images from all around the world to choose from. We hope you like it!

For those interested, clicking the links directly below this text will tell you lots more about us, our website and how we want to relate to you… however before you do that I’d like to say thank you in advance to all who visit us, and add a quick apology that all of the advice, video and manuals sections are not quite ready as we “go live”. We do know they are important and they will be up as soon as we can possibly manage it!

New: DCCconcepts Zen Decoders!
25-Jun-2014 by DCCconcepts
We are very proud of Zen because we really have created something special! We ignored convention, looking across problems not at them, looking at need not want and we enjoyed doing it!
New: Cobalt iP Digital!
04-Jul-2014 by DCCconcepts

Introducing Cobalt-iP Digital – Cobalt-iP is a new Cobalt DCC-on board product that takes the very best features of Cobalt Classic-Ω and Cobalt -iP to create the best ever digital-ready point motor!