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Security, Order Processing and Payment

Web Security:

We have gone to great lengths to make sure that our website has the best possible security for personal information and credit card details… so every step of any transaction is secured at the highest possible level.

Our secure provider has a very long and reliable history. Their security is unparalleled and they have never been compromised. No user of the service has ever been at risk as a result of utilizing their services.

In particular, your personal information and card details are secured to the highest international standards, and while the system is able to retain card details for future transactions if you wish, you are also able to request “single transaction use” only.

Where card details are stored they are not held in directly usable form anywhere and any future access to those details (other than by you to maintain them) is restricted even to us, being available for use only at the time transactions are actually made.

Order Processing and Billing Procedures:

We do not offer instant processing via the website (direct online payment) as we prefer to check all orders before we process them to make sure that the items you have ordered are appropriate.

(It is surprising how often we find “wrong” or incomplete orders, or receive emails or calls the day after an order is placed, requesting a change).

Because of this we also never bill before your order is assembled and packed. (We also wish to be certain that all items are truly available and in stock before doing so).

We only ever charge actual delivery costs, so we will always finalise the packing of your order before we calculate delivery charges. We prefer to do this because we can then be certain that you only pay the correct amount with no need for “assessed charges” that would invariably increase your costs.

Where we can do so, we also try to minimize your costs, so we will move between post and courier services automatically where speed of delivery can be assisted or cost can be saved.

Orders will always be shipped immediately after billing.

Stock Items:

We endeavour to hold most items ex stock, and will always check and reconfirm availability prior to charging your card or accepting payment. Items on backorder will only be charged when the article is actually in stock.

“Out of stock” or Backorders:

Sometimes we sell out unexpectedly or production is slower than anticipated – when this happens, you may be able to place a “backorder”. “Backorder” is a term used for placing an order for an item which has not yet been released or is out of stock, but already in the production queue.

Backorder Payment
When placing a backorder on our website, we will ask you to input your payment information. However, you will not be charged until the products come into stock and your order is ready to be processed. Occasionally, items may have a higher sale price than originally intended. Should this happen, we will always try to honour the original price, but when this is not possible, you will be contacted to confirm you wish to accept the new price or cancel your backorder.

Backorder Cancellation
You can cancel a backorder at any time up to the arrival of the product. This can be done by contacting us. You will not be charged and you have the right to cancel at any time.

Placing an Order:

You may place orders by any of the following methods which have all served us well, with absolutely ZERO security problems for ourselves or our clients.

  • By web order (using our online checkout)
  • By email (sales@dccconcepts.com)
  • By telephone (International +44 1729 821080 or within the UK 01729 821080)

Payment Methods:

We are very careful with your information, taking pride in the fact that no DCCconcepts customer has ever had card security compromised when dealing with us, no matter which payment method has been adopted.

Our online order system will accept VISA and MasterCard

Our system requires only standard international card information. This always remains encrypted That is:

• Card Billing Address (we usually only ship to the billing address)
• Name on card
• Card Number
• Card Expiry Date

• CVV or Security number. (On card reverse, last 3 numbers RHS)

We will also accept direct bank deposit for transactions. Please request our bank details from sales@dccconcepts.com

American Express:

We regret that because of excessively high service charges, we do not accept American Express cards.


PayPal makes much of the “zero cost option” to buyers, however their charges to the seller (us) are high. Because of this we are very reluctant to accept PayPal as payment for our products or services.

We do however recognize that many modellers utilise PayPal as an associated account with their Bay linked “hobby purchasing”.

Therefore, if payment by PayPal is actually a requirement for you, please ask before ordering. Providing that the purchase is in excess of £100, we will consider your request.

Errors or Disputed Charges:

We try hard to get it right but we are human, so mistakes can happen. If you find an error or wish to question any charges we may make, please feel free to do so. To allow us to properly investigate your claim we will need the following information:

• Details of the query, question or claim
• Date of any related transactions
• Nature of the transaction
• Any related Invoice numbers or transaction details
• Copy of your related credit card statement if possible. (please edit to leave only related data if you wish)

Once we have enough information to act, we will react immediately, ensure that queries or errors are investigated and that any required adjustments are made promptly.