DCCconcepts Specialised Model Railway Hand Tools

Many of the products on this page are unique… and others are exceptional value. Here are just a few examples…

Our bus wire strippers are something that will save literally hours in layout wiring, and our fine wire strippers are our own design – they are the sharpest and most effective available, able to strip very, very small wire consistently, reliably and without damage.

The mitre cutter has an incredibly sharp blade and is actually the SAME tool as is sold to motor-trimmers at well over $100 and is exceptional for cutting styrene and scale-wood to shape.

Our tungsten-carbide cruciform sharpener will put a razor-edge on a scalpel blade or hobby knife… but beware, as you may need two – more than 50% of them end up with the “other half”, for sharpening kitchen knives and garden tools!

Our track cutters are ONLY for track and soft alloys like wire, but they are the sharpest available and they STAY sharp because we purposely over-harden them slightly to gain longer life. (Occasionally this may cause a blade to snap prematurely – but it is rare. We think a blade that stays sharp is most important so if this happens, return for free replacement)

Our bearing reamers really do work, lowering rolling resistance and letting loco’s pull more. The two varieties are created to make them easy to use in a variety of rolling stock.

Look closely – there are many useful things here!

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