Stainless Steel Scale Ruler and Handrail Jig

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Stainless Steel Scale Ruler & Handrail Jig

The DCG-SR4 is a new and innovative tool from DCCconcepts. A top quality, truly comprehensive scale rule and an accurate handrail bending jig.

The very fine laser-cut holes are 0.3mm or a little under 1 scale inch in diameter, and the increments from 6” to 4 feet in handrail length are 1” too… making ANY handrail size easy to do accurately. The same precision exists in the larger lengths, allowing handrails of up to 18ft long to be created with steps of 3” or 1mm.

Each step has a recessed groove to hold the wire straight as its bent so accuracy is maintained!

Made in high grade stainless steel, this is a tool that will last for several lifetimes!

(We have even included a 0.5mm drill with each ruler to help you open out holes for larger wire. Please do NOT use a power drill for doing this – hand drills only or the drill will overheat!

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