DCCconcepts LED Selection

Whites: First, a little about our choices in White LEDs for the modeller.

With the original DCCconcepts “prototype white” LED we really have avoided the “too amber” problem of the original “golden white” LEDs and created a look to the illumination that is the classic soft white typically given off by incandescent light when shining brightly, and yet we have retained an ability to create the warm soft golden glow of a signal or UK loco lamp when dimmed with a much, much greater resistance.
We also took the trouble to widen the available range of pure whites – adding what we call “daylight white” – with NO tint at all, no blue… in fact no warmth at all.
Suitable for later diesel locos, it is also excellent as interior lighting for modern coaching stock and buildings, which always look wrong with the blue tint light of common white LEDS.

Dual Colour White/Red: We have specially created 3-lead Bi-coloured LEDs in red/white in 3 sizes. These are the standard 3mm T-1 type, the useful 2mm Tower type and the absolutely tiny DCCconcepts pre-wired NANO LED… so small the dual colour version will fit into a 1mm hole!
Being specially made for us, all of our 2-colour LEDS have a common positive centre lead for DCC use, and correct light levels and tints for both red and white.
The Red chosen is “True red” – which is the correct red specified for real locomotive red light. It is a lower power LED than the correctly tinted “prototype white” which is a higher power LED suitable for headlight use. These are the ONLY Bi-colour red/white LEDs created this way, just for railway models!

Other LED colours: The overall scope of this range is evident from the listings, however we’d like to add a word or two about how we are evolving this range. Reds, Greens, amber and Yellow are all moving towards being the correct wavelength to match the prototype standards for “safety colours”. Those LEDs that have changed are appropriately marked. We are adding a range of 3mm flat fronted LEDs for use in the creation of more realistic colour-light signals too.

NANOlights: This range is steadily expanding – from single and dual colour LEDS to 2 and 4 lamp premade harnesses. We are also now making an extended range of finely scaled modern and steam-era lamps which actually work… and even feature scale sized hinged handles. These include signal lamps and dual colour lamps for that added bit of special detail. This range can be seen here Loco and Rolling Stock Lamps

Finally, we have created some superb “museum quality” coach table lamps for those who want perfection… why not take a look! Coach Lighting