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This is without a doubt the most important purchase decision once the system itself has been selected.
While some brands list AC supplies in their offerings, the truth is that all DCC systems are computer-like devices, and they require stable voltages.

What is also not commonly understood is that the first part of the internal circuit is always a rectifier and filter to convert AC to DC, because DCC systems are DC powered.

Because not all DCC systems have high quality power sections inside, if you choose a high quality regulated power supply, it will always give a better and more stable result, so your DCC system will perform better.

(Even where DC supplies are offered, there are often compromises! Some, like ESU, do supply a good quality properly regulated DC power supply because they really understand the needs of computer-devices, however, in the main, low cost supplies are bundled with systems to keep overall price low, so they are rarely as good as the right choice in an aftermarket equivalent!)

DCCconcepts have therefore created a range of specially designed power supplies and similar devices perfectly matched to and tested with all brands. – These really do perform well and they are designed with DCC in mind, so they meet all modern DCC system needs perfectly.

We have also chosen some really top specification regulated DC supplies for computer interface devices and Cobalt motor power and we recently released the worlds only mains-powered CDU so that those who use solenoid point motors can enjoy totally reliable performance too.

Our CDU-2 is mains powered giving the ideal match between CDU and power supply. This allows fast recharge as well as high power. We can therefore guarantee perfect results every time with ALL brands of solenoids, including Tenshodo, AHM, Hammant and Morgan, Marklin, Atlas, Peco, Seep, Hornby and others.

All DCCconcepts mains powered devices meet all appropriate safety and CE standards.

Please note:
PS-7, PSU-2 and CDU-2 are designed for operation with 220~240v AC and are therefore unsuitable for those regions with 100-110v AC domestic power supplies.

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