Gauges, Tools & Fasteners

One thing is very certain when it comes to hobby tools – quality matters.

We have a client that once said during a visit “I am too poor to buy things twice”. Wise words!

Experienced modellers never compromise on quality because they understand the difference that quality can bring… and a good quality tool will give even an average modeller the possibility of an improvement in quality of workmanship that compromising on tool quality never will. Good tools end up cheaper too, because they only need buying once!

That “quality matters” thought process stays in place when we source, design or create tools for our hobby, so you can guarantee that if you buy it from us, it WILL do the job.

Covering gauges and tools plus a selection of hard-to-find tiny screws, this category contains a wide and somewhat eclectic range of things, as we tend to create things as we see the need, or perhaps where we feel we could make a better product.

Take your time and browse… We are sure that you will find something special among these pages.