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Covering 3 diameters, 10.5, 12 and 14mm and made to two gauges, 16.5mm for OO/HO and 18.2mm for EM, they are sold in packs of 8 pairs.

They make any model look so much better as they have a beautifully fine tyre and flange which is specially designed to run perfectly on the current rail profiles used in OO/HO and EM modelling.

Back-to-back for best running was carefully chosen based on testing and is slightly wider than you may be used to because of the fine wheel profiles. Axle lengths are industry standard.

Turning tolerance is -0.000”, + 0.002” and in order to also achieve this same level of accuracy in “squareness on the axle” we individually turned the insulating sleeves used to isolate one wheel per axle rather than use injection mouldings as other brands do.

Please note we chose not to blacken them for a very good reason – blackening uses metal oxides which are also insulators, so blackening them would have impaired both accuracy and performance as pick-up wheels!

All of our wheelsets are packed in protective packaging so accuracy will not be lost in rough delivery handling, and we include some added pickup springs etc in each pack too.

Give them a try – you won’t be disappointed!

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