Top Quality Track Bed

Without a good foundation, all hope of a reliable and realistic result is gone.

DCCconcepts now offer trackbed in OO/HO (also good for On30) and N scale.

Our DCCconcepts track-bed or track underlay is made using top quality very long life EVA closed cell foam and has perfectly pre-cut ballast shoulders (to the correct 60 degree “angle of repose” that ballast adopts).

Laying it is easy and it even has a pre-scored track centreline underneath to allow it to be easily split for accurately laying along track centre-lines (or on tighter radii).

Based on tests and feedback each piece is 605mm / 2 feet long for easy handling and efficient laying. DCCconcepts track-bed cuts perfectly with a snap off knife.

Our pre-cut trackbed is sold in boxes of 33m or 100 feet. Sheets are sold in economical multiples (pack quantity varies depending on thickness)

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