Improving Adhesion and Pickup

PowerBase makes gradients possible! For many years, Modellers of UK prototype have been frustrated by the lack of performance that their locomotives manage to deliver on gradients.

It has seemed like the better looking they become, the feebler they become, and some are downright disappointing to say the least!

We are delighted to be able to say that DCCconcepts have created a product that can not only guarantee to fix this problem…

It does so well and so consistently that we can absolutely guarantee that if used properly, it will more than double the pulling power of every locomotive you own up gradients of 1 in 30 and more! There are two more added bonuses of real value to modellers!

If you use PowerBase you will also need to spend less time track-cleaning… and PowerBase also greatly improves the quality of power pickup in your locomotives!

Installating PowerBase is so simple that any modeller, novice or expert, can do it! PowerBase plates are placed under the rails and specially created super-high power NEO magnets are attached invisibly to the baseplate of your locomotives.

Adding Powerbase magnets to your locos is very easy and you don’t even need to take the top off… and the result will always be a large increase in grip that makes an incredible difference to pulling power. (It can be a little more work in N, but we guarantee that EVERY modeller, novice or expert, can succeed)

PowerBase is very economical too – the average layout can be fitted with PowerBase under 100% of its track, and all locos can be PowerBase equipped for less than the cost of a top quality sound locomotive!

A full range of PowerBase products has been created – Nominally for OO/HO and N, they are equally usable in any scale from O to Z!

Sometimes pictures are worth far more than words… so for more information please search “DCCconcepts PowerBase” and take a look at our Youtube PowerBase videos.. we are sure you will enjoy them!

(We cover PowerBase installation there too… a comprehensive “laying PowerBase” video manual can be found at:

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