DCC Control and Wiring

DCC Control & Wiring is a complex subject: The choice of control system, accessory decoders for signal and point work, plus detectors, wire for the layout, overload protection and auto-reversers, as well as the power supplies that you will use to power, are all important.

Control Systems:
Before you decide, we strongly recommend that you visit our advice pages and read our no-nonsense advice on how to plan for your DCC system purchase, which includes a pragmatic overview of many systems and our conclusions as modellers about their performance, features and usability.

Power Supplies:
This is without a doubt the most important decision once the system itself is selected.

DCCconcepts have created a range of specially designed power supplies and other devices perfectly matched to and tested with all brands – these really do meet modern DCC system needs…

We have also chosen some really top specification regulated DC supplies for computer interface devices and we have the worlds only mains-powered CDU so that solenoid users (including Atlas, PECO, Seep and Hornby) can guarantee perfect results every time – with no added power supply or complex wiring needs!

All DCCconcepts mains-powered devices meet all appropriate safety and CE standards.

Layout Wiring and Wiring Accessories:
DCCconcepts have a range of pre-twisted, top quality, high-purity copper power bus wire in all the sizes you may need at the right price. We also offer top quality, pre-tinned dropper wire and a great range of useful tools and accessories. Wire is, of course, available by the metre, but do not underestimate the very significant savings in buying a 25 or 50m reel!

DCCconcepts offer the BEST power bus wire stripper available. You may find cheaper – but we guarantee you’ll not find better!