Track Cleaning

Keeping track clean is one of the great frustrations for modellers.

Nickel Silver rail oxidises early and those oxides (the back stuff on your finger) are mostly copper oxide… the same stuff that is used in resistor manufacture… so much for the brand which proudly claimed they were conductive!

Using traditional track rubbers makes things worse eventually because they usually employ very sharp garnet particles as the abrasive, adding lots of fine grooves to the rail head and increasing surface area… which then oxidises even quicker!

Again DCCconcepts has thought this through carefully and created something a little different. Because we use aluminium oxide as the cleaning element in our pure rubber track cleaning pads… and this is a round particle… your rail gets cleaned and polished, not scratched! This is a substantial cleaner too by the way – big enough to clean both tracks of a double track main line at once if used flat!

For those who want the best track cleaning car available, we stock the CMX range with models appropriate for N, HO/OO and O scale.

No, not cheap… because they are milled from solid brass – but they have one huge advantage over other track cleaners… they actually work well every time!

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