MPD Loco Storage & Servicing Cradles

DCCconcepts MPD brings you a totally safe way to handle and store your precious locos.

In fact, in most cases you will never need to handle them again, as their drive-on-drive-off ability even lets you add locos to the layout on a drive-on, drive-off basis, protecting fine details, weathering and delicate mechanisms.

Sound users love MPD because loco and tender can stay coupled, Exhibiting modellers love MPD because it guarantees safe transport and for those with smaller layouts, MPD delivers the perfect “cassette” system.
In fact, DCCconcepts MPD is absolutely the best and safest way to handle, store or transport your precious locos & stock.

DCCconcepts Servicing Cradles are the best way to protect your locos whilst performing essential maintenance such as applying lubricants or cleaning wheels. Don’t tip your loco upside-down on the workbench, risking fine detail damage – just use our handy Servicing Cradle!

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