Locomotives and Rolling Stock

Welcome to our locomotives and rolling stock pages.

Whilst locomotives and rolling stock are not a focus of our business, we always have a selection of current, new locomotives in stock in various prototypes.

Where we offer any locomotive or item of rolling stock for sale it will be new, but may have had unique accessories added to it that the original manufacturer did not supply, as we use these locos for test installations for sound, lamps and lighting and other DCCconcepts products.

Generally they will be exceptional value as we only dispose of them when review testing is finalised, and that means a full professional installation of any additions… and we will have proven the running quality as we cannot test products with loco’s that do not run really well!

These pages will include a quickly varying range of N scale in all prototypes, a variety of HO scale and a selection of 4mm scale / OO scale UK prototype models. We will on occasion also offer O scale, On30, HOe, HOm, OO9 and other related variants.

Products offered will come mainly from the major brands, but we will occasionally also offer limited production locomotives or rolling stock in high quality brass.

Please note:
If you do not see a specific loco you are after here, by all means ask!

We can’t promise to be able to help but we will try.  We can often deliver to order quite quickly and we often need to buy things for testing, so we can sometimes tailor those choices to help our customers. You just might end up with something very special!