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Hornby Magazine Model Railway Awards Nomination

Hornby Magazine have announced the categories for their 2018 Model Railway awards. Voting closes end of September.


As you will see, DCCconcepts have 2 of the 5 "innovation" cartegory nominations, which is great:
* Ground signals
* Cobalt-SS motors

However - which would WE vote for? BOTH of course, because both of them are ground-breaking in their own way - but that probably isn't the wisest path as we would split our own vote!

We discussed it internally and decided that Cobalt-SS is probably the more "All-round" innovation: A Super-small turnout motor, a totally silent turnout motor (S and S, hence the name) and one that will work well in all scales from Z to O... and is very versatile.

There's another valid reason too - unlike all of the other nominations which are either brand-specific or modelling-period specific, Cobalt-SS is also usable for modelling in every prototype, every scale and will work with every controller brand.

Truly "innovative and versatile" and an addition for the whole hobby!

It's up to you of course, but we'd love you to support us if you can.

Please go to this link - https://hornbymagazine.keypublishing.com/2018/09/13/hornby-magazine-model-railway-awards-2018/

And tick the box alongside Cobalt-SS point motors.

The FORUM - We've got there at last!

We have been discussing the creation of a forum for a couple of years. The time taken was used in watching, talking to others and working out just what modellers really wanted, how they wanted to interact and what sort of atmosphere they wanted to create.

We wanted a place that had lots of talent but less “acid comment and attitude problems” than in some places we visited. We wanted inspiration without distraction, positive support and robust discussion without lack of respect. Basically… a place for modellers to enjoy, teach, share and learn together.

Click HERE for more information!

Don't Just Take Our Word For It - Visitor Reviews

Visitors to our Settle showroom love the DCCconcepts unique way of doing things - just read some of our Google and Facebook reviews below:

Mike - "First visit this morning, and what a friendly, knowledgeable group of people, all my questions were more than adequately answered that made my journey worthwhile, this will not be my last visit!"
Sarum - "Great ideas, great service, great products, great advice - and - honesty."
Ed - "Some of the best ideas in model train electronics."
Eric - "Brilliant place, really helpful, great service and friendly staff. I even got offered a brew. Will be spending more time and money here."
Miles - "Great product but a really good backup service as well. Highly recommended."
Peter - "What a great place for the railway modeller and enthusiast. Right next door to Settle station. Staff are more than helpful!"
Chris - "Amazing products, very friendly staff, feels like a family."
Neil - "Called today for advice because I was unsure which way I wanted to go -left feeling happy and with goodies in my hand - how can you not rate it 5*? Everybody is welcome here - a rail modellers' paradise! Treat yourself!"

Alpha Mimic Ground Signal - Model Rail Magazine's "Must" for Modellers

In July 2018, Model Rail Magazine reviewed our Alpha Mimic Ground Signals. They said "...overall, this is another excellent addition to the DCCconcepts range and a must for anyone who wants to bring some realistic, and easy, operation to their layout." "You would think that such a system would be incredibly complicated to install and set up, but it's not, because everything is pre-wired."
Click here to see the full article
Click here to see the Alpha Mimic Ground Signal range

Cobalt Point Motors - Hornby Magazine's FIRST CHOICE

In June 2017, Hornby Magazine reviewed the best-selling point motors available. They came to the conclusion that the Cobalt point motors were “…the quickest and simplest to install from the motors we tested… ...Simplicity of installation, setup and reliable operation are just some of the reasons the Cobalt iP point motor has been adopted as the product of choice for Hornby Magazine's exhibition layout fleet...".
Click here to see the full article
Click here to see the Cobalt point motor range