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“We Need You!”

We spend a lot of time advising modellers online and enjoy your company - and as a result, we sort of “know” many of you through your emails and, of course, forum posts, so we thought we’d also let you and those modellers who take the trouble to visit our website know that we are currently looking for new staff to work with us in our UK DCCconcepts offices, which are located in Settle, North Yorkshire.

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Cobalt Point Motors - Hornby Magazine's FIRST CHOICE

In June 2017, Hornby Magazine reviewed the best-selling point motors available. They came to the conclusion that the Cobalt point motors were “…the quickest and simplest to install from the motors we tested… ...Simplicity of installation, setup and reliable operation are just some of the reasons the Cobalt iP point motor has been adopted as the product of choice for Hornby Magazine's exhibition layout fleet...".

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“Where are you?”

Our website is designed to automatically adjust pricing and product availability according to your location. Any products not available in your region will be filtered – so you may see them disappear as you are browsing. Don’t worry – this isn’t a fault! If you want to learn more about this – click HERE for a world map.