ESU Sound & Loco Drive Decoders & Accessories

We always load ESU sound to order and for those who buy their sound decoders from us, we offer a free re-load service if you damage the sound file in some way. We can also add customised sounds if you wish… anything from special whistles to station announcements, and even specific ‘Thomas’ related sounds for the grandchildren’s pleasure!

Function buttons can of course be set any way you want, to operate any way you want. ESU’s loco control is, by the way, the best there is bar none!

For those who like to ‘fiddle’ we also offer one other benefit – For decoders we load, we also change the defaults within the decoder to match our specific sound file settings… so a ‘reset’ will not scramble the sounds as it often does with sound-file programming from other resellers. We also offer a full installation service for those who would like to have sound but do not feel confident about the installation process. ESU have a really fantastic warranty backup too (at its best only via DCCconcepts).