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Initially we added a small Stay-Alive to every decoder sold – not to move the loco, but to prevent the loss of adequate drive voltage for the decoder microprocessor, which causes stalls. It worked better than most realised, but wasn’t really enough for those with less than well-maintained track.

We later released the exceptionally successful DCCconcepts “Super Stay-Alive”. Over two metres run-on for a large loco, but physically large too. Still a modellers go-to product as it performs really well and fits many locos… but only the larger ones, so there was more to do.

In 2018 we added a sophisticated “Brown-out protection” to ALL of our decoders, and, having realised how hard it was for many modellers to do such fine soldering work, we also added a special 3-wire harness to all decoders, ready for the NEXT step in Stay-Alive evolution.
Which brings us to here, now… and the release of something we have really looked forward to!

Our current range of 2 and 3 wire Stay-Alives has been carefully crafted to give you the smoothest possible driving experience.

3-wire Stay-Alives allow completely solder-free Plug-&-Play connection to our Zen Black and Zen Blue+ decoders for the simplest installation possible. Available in a variety of sizes, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs!

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