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As with all tasks we have to do in the hobby, wiring and DCC installation can be made easier, neater and more reliable with the use of a few special things. With the right stuff on hand, what was a chore can even become a pleasurable distraction into a new area of the hobby!

Fortunately the tools and materials that make it easier are neither complicated nor expensive, so all modellers should be able to divert a small part of their hobby budget to make their workbench and parts stock ready for anything!

You may not need them all, but be sure you have, at the very least, fine wire strippers, Kapton tape and heat-shrink! For those in HO/OO and smaller, the ability to add weight will be useful too.

Smaller-scale modellers should also look closely at the “Weight-mate” bag. While it might seem a strange “hobby tool” to new modellers, it is a product that experienced installers have been looking for!

This strange wee blue velvet covered bag actually weighs 500 grams and is used to add weight while testing and programming N scale and smaller OO/HO locomotives – It moulds itself to fit any loco, the added weight gives great track contact and adds a simulated load for proper run-in and testing

As an added benefit, the soft velvet covering makes sure your valuable locos are not damaged and the extra weight it adds gives perfect program track contact while setting up the decoder.

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