Zen Black Shuttle Packs

We are very proud of Zen… because we really have created something special!

Zen means small decoder size and fewer wires – big performance in small spaces. “Out of the box” settings that deliver a super-smooth loco drive and importantly, very affordable, high quality Stay-Alives.

We made sure there were enough light functions to do the job and features to satisfy anyone. We also made sure all Zen decoders would fit into – and cope with all RTR locomotive power needs from N to O and everything in between…

With the addition of an ABC board, Zen Black takes on a whole new range of possibilities. Automatic slow, stop or reverse adds to the already comprehensive feature package. The “Shuttle Packs” add even more, with the ability to automatically shuttle between two points and add a mid-station stop or even an automatic signal response!

Take a look through the Zen user guide at the link below for more information – or get in touch with us via the “Contact Us” page.

We really like Zen, we hope you do too!

For Zen and other useful manuals, please click here!

To see an installation video for Zen Black Shuttle – click here!

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