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In track-making, DCCconcepts is proud to be breaking new ground.

We have started the long journey to better track by offering our range of pre-etched and pre-cut sleeper frets for building UK prototype track and turnouts (point-work) in 4mm scale to OO gauge.

These top quality fibreglass sleeper frets are versatile (the turnout fret for example will provide the sleepering for any turnout between an A5 and B9) and they are VERY easy to use.

They take away all of the hard part of making track with copper-clad as they are ready to use… with pre-tinned copper pads ready to solder to… but ONLY where they need to be, so you do not even need to worry about cutting the gaps. Being professionally cut and etched, they look so much better than hand cut sleepers too!

We make the frets in two thicknesses– for standard track with directly soldered rail OR in a thin version for those using chairs to create proper UK bullhead track. Chairs will be coming soon….

Add the most accurate range of track-making gauges ever offered and you are ready to go. Why not have a try… you will be surprised what you can achieve.

Of course, templates are freely available and we can of course also help with good advice… and the perfect tools, solders and fluxes needed to complete the task.

PS – of course our track-making parts and tools are very often useful and quite suitable for the creation of track in HO or for other gauges, scales and prototypes… so no matter what you enjoy modelling take a closer look

To see and download our Legacy Track Templates, please click here!

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