Pack of 12 Bullhead Track with 24 Rail Joiners

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Pack of 12x 972mm Bullhead Track with 24 Rail Joiners – 12 lengths of finely-scaled 4mm scale/OO DCCconcepts Bullhead track with Stainless Steel rail, correct chairs and detailed sleepers. Plus 24 detailed phosphor-bronze fishplates.

This OO Finescale stainless-steel track has been engineered to be an accurate depiction of the prototype, with:

  • Unique wood grain on each sleeper
  • Incredible chair detail
  • Prototypically angled rails

It is recommended that this track is glued down rather than pinned, and although it is not compatible with ballasted underlay it can be used with cork underlay systems.

We also produce rail joiners for this track – HERE.

Find more examples on our Legacy Bullhead Track page.

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