DCC Layout Wire & Wiring Accessories

This is one place where you should not skimp… good quality  wiring isn’t cheap but it is not that dear either – perhaps the cost of one  sound equipped locomotive will be needed to provide the right stuff, but that  is a really good investment, as the wiring will after all be the heart of any  good model railway.

Do it right and it will remain reliable!

Modellers often find wiring hard, or hard to understand –  however with the right material choices, the right tools and some really useful  accessories, the job will be much easier for everyone.

DCCconcepts have assembled all these things in one place for  you to make selection easier.

All you will need apart from the right materials are the  proper wire strippers and a good soldering Iron of 50W or more, the right solder (DCCconcepts Sapphire S179) and a good flux such as our Sapphire  no-clean flux. For the easy way to make adding droppers a simple process, look  at our “Tags” too!

Take your time and if you need help, just ask us. We are  always ready to do what we can to assist you.

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