Slim Vertical Mounted Magnetic Sensors (6-pack)

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(normally off or N.O. momentary type)

These detectors have been designed to be very easy to install. Super-slim at only 4mm in diameter, they will fit comfortably between the sleepers of DCCconcepts and Peco Code 100 and Code 75 track as well as most other brands of track in HO. (N scale users will need to temporarily move a sleeper while drilling, but will also find installation quite easy).

They are “Normally Off” and are triggered or turned on by a small magnet that is attached to the loco or rolling stock.

While it is always good to use smaller magnets and get the magnet as close as possible to any sensor such as this, we find that even with quite a small magnet we can get reliable results from up to 10mm away. Ideal for all detection and to trigger devices such as Cobalt Point Motors or Alpha.
The connector is supplied so that the detectors can be used with our ADiA range of Accessory Decoders.

Physical Characteristics

  • Length of sensor: 15mm
  • Width of sensor: 4mm
  • Length of wire: 300mm
  • Quantity in pack: 6
  • (Was DCP-TMS)

Accessories and Essentials
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Powerbase Magnet Pack (Extra Small)
Powerbase Magnet Pack (Extra Large)

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