DCCconcepts Zen Decoders

We are very proud of Zen..because we really have created something special!

Zen means small decoder size and fewer wires – big performance in small spaces. “Out of the box” settings that deliver a super-smooth loco drive and importantly, very affordable, higher quality yet even smaller Stay-Alives.

We made sure there were enough light functions to do the job and features to satisfy anyone. We also made sure all Zen decoders would fit into – and cope with all RTR locomotive power needs from Z to OO/HO and On30 etc…

So… Zen has seven designs, from what is by a large margin the world’s smallest direct plug decoder to the Zen Buddha – the smallest “big decoder” there is for larger scales… but small in size… with 6 functions, 3-way overload protection and a Herculean motor drive.

Zen is sold in single or five-packs to offer exceptional value.

We really like Zen, we hope you do too!

For Zen and other useful manuals, please click here!

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