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Manuals and General Hobby Advice – Step 1

Welcome to the DCCconcepts manuals and advice area.  You’ll find a wide variety of information in several formats.  You can either search by name, or just “click the box” to go to the next step. We’ve divided information into two general areas to make searching easier:

Product Information: Items in this area will relate to specific products within the DCCconcepts product range.  Click the appropriate box to see a range of product related manuals, application guides, videos and reviews related to those products.

We do try hard to add as much data as possible for all of our products, covering any eventuality… however every modeller and their model railway have different needs, so if you need help in using our products and can’t find what you need, please do not hesitate to ask – We WILL answer you and your enquiry may well lead to a new manual or application guide for all to see!

General Hobby Advice: sometimes you will need more than just product information, so we have tried to create a wide range of useful information on all aspects of our hobby.

We’ve done our best to present all information in a logical sequence to take you from the first stages of layout creation and important equipment choices to more specific “how to” advice in relation to specific tasks and projects that will arise as you make progress with your layout.

While there are already hundreds of pages of information here, all written by experienced modellers with wide experience, the hobby has a huge range of possibilities so this section may never reach completion! We do promise that it WILL have new information added regularly!

You can easily become the catalyst for a new article? Often, it’s enquiries from modellers that motivate the creation of new articles, videos or how-to information, so if you can’t find what you need, or would like something added on any subject, please don’t hesitate to ask – your question WILL be answered and it may result in a new article for others to use!

We hope you enjoy exploring.