Coloured & Bicolour LEDs

The overall scope of this range is evident from the listings, however we’d like to add a word or two about how we are evolving this range.

Bi-colour LEDS: 3-lead LEDS are always common positive for easy DCC-integration and where possible, we are also creating unique 2-colour LEDS using specific “signalling standards” LED tints and colour-temperatures.

Single Colour: Reds, Greens, amber and Yellow are all moving towards being the correct wavelength to match the prototype standards for “safety colours”. Those LEDs that have changed are appropriately marked. We are adding a range of 3mm flat fronted LEDs for use in the creation of more realistic colour-light signals too. The DCCconcepts LED range will continue to evolve slowly, and will always be at the front when it comes to the supply of appropriate LEDS for the modeller.

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