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We are delighted to offer you the best and most accurate range of track making and back to back gauges available.

Please note that in creating our Back-to-Back gauges, we actually tested models of all prototypes to find the best real world dimensions, and in all track making gauges, we are the only brand to actually make separate gauges for Bullhead rail and flat bottom rail – important because the rail-head sizes are quite different and there is NO point in an accurate gauge if the fit at the rail-head is poor. We also add convenient handles – something now copied by others!

We use a fine grade free-turning hard brass for all our gauges, with cutting speeds and tools designed to give a refined look and feel. The semi-polished look that results from fine cutting passes and sharp tools in high-end machinery reduces surface area and slows tarnishing as well as keeping the accuracy very high.

Our actual manufacture tolerances are all within 0.05mm of our chosen dimensions (actual spec is -0.0”, + 0.002”).

Yes, our gauges are possibly a little more expensive because of our material and manufacture quality choices, but we DO guarantee that they are both accurate and long lasting!

We trod this more expensive path because when we decided to do a complete gauge range, we first bought a selection of various gauges from the trade to evaluate what was available… and we were not impressed at all.

Some were close but none were close to consistently accurate, and even worse, most were made in simple mild steel or similar materials – a material that corrodes easily and is badly affected by fluxes and soldering materials so even if they started off accurate, they soon wouldn’t be!).

Choose your gauges carefully (ask if not sure please)…

Gauges are made to fine tolerances so please store them with respect, and they will last for a lifetime’s modelling.

If your gauges DO tarnish because they are not stored well, by all means wipe or clean them but please do not polish using an abrasive… abrasive polishing only reduces accuracy!

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