Since we released our surface mount prototype white LEDs they have always been hugely popular, but many who purchased them with good intentions found that their soldering skills were to say the least challenged by their tiny size…. And many of those who could solder them simply lost too many of them because they are so small.

Mindful that scale lighting shouldn’t need to be a stressful task and that modellers who want scale lighting should not be just left to their own devices, we investigated the possibility of pre-wiring them.

However…. While looking to improve things, we found something very, very exciting… and even better! An ultra-micro sized version of the surface mount LED that was in fact incredibly small – Smaller in fact than the surface mount LEDs normally chosen by modellers!

It has not been easy to arrange for these to be prewired for you as each is hand soldered and even with the best skills and technique, the in-production loss rate is high, however we have at last succeeded and we are very proud to be able to introduce our all new NANOlights!

How small are they? Even the 2-colour NANO’s can fit easily into a 1mm hole!

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