DCCconcepts Rolling Roads

Voted by one magazine as “the perfect present for every modeller” this is a really useful product for a huge variety of modellers.

Really easy to use… (You simply place it on the track, spaced ready for your locomotive) and incredibly versatile it allows running in, testing and evaluation, DCC Setup and tweaking to be achieve on the desk or workbench.

It is versatile in another way too – While it comes pre-set for 16.5mm or OO/HO track, we include in the pack full sets of spacers for 9mm/N/009/HOe, 12mm/TT, HOm, HO Narrow gauge. OO, HO and ON30… even EM and P4 users are not forgotten either, as we included a set of spacers that works for both!

We also thought about those collectors and modellers who enjoy and are preserving the history of our hobby by running the 3-rail models that really kick-started the smaller scales, as we now add into every pack an adapter for Marklin and Hornby Dublo 3-rail use… so everyone is taken care of!

DCCconcepts Rolling Roads are the perfect addition to the workbench – AND the perfect gift for any modeller at the same time!

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