Legacy Models Intelligent Detection

Detection on a layout is useful, but usually accompanied by complicated looking boxes, loads of wires and instructions that would test the most ardent technophile. Additionally, you generally buy one item only to find you need more to complete the picture… followed by the need to knit a nest of wiring.

LM-iD cuts through most of this complication for you:
It only needs the simplest of wiring. It has incredibly easy installation needs and everything needed to give you interactive detection is already there, including connections for LEDs on a control panel that show where your trains are and occupancy LEDs for hidden sidings. It can trigger turnouts to change points, drive relays and motors on demand and will provide feedback to any of the many computer systems and on-screen display control systems now available if you also have the required interfaces.

Most importantly, LM-iD is complete out of the box and can ready to work with the minimum of fuss!

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