Legacy Skyline Street and Wall Lamps

Legacy Skyline Lamps use LEDS & consume very little power.
Always use a regulated DC power supply to ensure your lamps have a long life. (Please note that the accessory outputs of train controllers are never regulated and there is a risk of damaging your lamps if you use them.)

Any regulated DC power supply between 6 and 15 volts will be suitable. (To save you any additional cost, you may find one in your bottom drawer, for example an unused mobile phone charger or any similar power supply).

If needed, the high quality DCCconcepts DCP-PS12 is a perfect choice.

Lamps: Drill the mounting hole using a 2mm drill. Carefully thread the fine wires into the hole then insert the brass lamp mounting tube.

If using the extension base: Use a 5.5mm drill and insert it to your chosen depth or pre-cut it to length and pre-drill to 2mm to allow you to use the added 2mm tube extension that is provided in the pack.

Wall Lamps: Using a very small drill, drill the building wall to allow insertion of the fine wires. Use glue to fix the lamp to the building.

Wiring: The longer of the two wires is the + lead. Connect your power supply to the resistor board and then try the lamp with each of the resistor values on the board to select your preferred light level.

Alternately, if a different level is wanted you may also use any other value 1/4 watt resistor as long as it is larger than 1,000 ohms (1k Ohms).

Connect several lamps (up to 6) to one resistor board if you wish.

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