Weathering Powders & Materials

DCCconcepts weathering pigments are ultra-finely ground concentrated pigments, not powdered chalks as with many brands. (They are strong enough to tint paint!).

This is especially true of our whites and grays, which are based on sub 1-micron titanium which has been pre-coated to increase adhesion.

Use all of our pigments with care, they are strong! To see an video of how to use them – click here!

Because they are very concentrated they will cover extremely well, so we suggest that you take a little of the selected colour with a brush then tap on paper to remove much of it before applying the pigment to your rolling stock, loco or buildings, building up the colour a little at a time, rather like nature does.

Remember, the final look should always reflect the results of natural weathering… so while rust and muck can appear anywhere, its often influenced by rain, wind and weather, and of course the effects of gravity means that with very few exceptions, streaking should always be vertical.

Work from a photo reference whenever possible.

There are several easy ways to use these pigments – experiment with all… and by all means, invent your own methods.

DRY: Apply to a matt painted model with a brush or cotton bud using NO dampness or clear coat over the top (clear coats destroy texture difference, which is one of the important subtle effect of pigment weathering).

OVER A DILUTED CLEAR COAT: Spray the model with a very diluted clear varnish or similar before adding pigments. Apply pigments while still tacky. Be VERY careful as the pigments will grip really well. They can be modified and moved about with a cotton bud or brush dipped in thinners. We recommend you do this only after practicing “dry”.

WET: Mix a little pigment into a mix of IPA (Alcohol) and water diluted at appox 50:50. Apply with a brush and work in with the Q-tips or brush provided.
Remember the direction gravity works when doing this – any obvious “strokes” should be vertical.

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