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Ballast is one of those things that leads to many questions on forums such as “I model in HO or OO scale and what size should I use”…. And then the answers start.

However there isn’t enough information to give a GOOD answer unless you also ask “where are you modelling and in what period” as well, because ballasts change in look and over time after laying and timescale-wise, they have also become far more regular in size than they were in the early years.

The last change was automated track laying, which uses way more ballast of very regular size… Therefore apart from a range of colours, we have also graded the mix appropriately for modern day use / new ballast, in-service ballast and steam era ballasts… before also adding fine stuff for the yards and loco areas.

We hope you will like the more realistic grading we have achieved.

For a “guaranteed to give perfect results” approach, check out our article on Ballasting Your Layout

Take your time, initially add less rather than more, keep it really tidy before you glue and you will find its not a difficult job… and if you do a section at a time, seeing the improvement grow step by step will stop it becoming a boring process as well!

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